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Monday, September 27, 2010


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

When I heard from darling last night that her lesson will start during noon time today, so both of us specially woke up early in the morning to webcam with one another and the reception's good! LIKE FINALLY!!! T_T

Then in the evening, I decided to meet up with kaywee and lily since I wanted to buy somethingS for darling and given my personality, I often get stuck between choosing this and that!

Originally, we wanted to meet at the evening, somewhere round 5.30 or 6? But in the end, we met up somewhere around 4+ just in case I got draggy and I don't wanna be late to webcam abit with darling, heehee! :x

So it's all as planned, the 3 of us met together as planned at Jurong Point! :D
Went to walk around first in a few shops to look at the type of designs the shops provide before having our dinner at McDonalds. Tried the Double Filet-O-Fish since I suddenly thought of darling always saying "You hor, come McDonald always eat the standard thing one leh, Mega Mcspicy". Plus, I had to limit my spending in case I do not have enuogh money later to buy darling's stuffs, eh? :x

And it's back to shopping after that!!! And as expected, I was so undecisive in choosing one of the items that I bought that...

Item A: I entered the shop after hopping around so much that I bought it when I entered the shop for the 5th TIME!!!
Item B: I was walking round the shop looking for what may please my honey for like .. 30 to 45 minutes! Pro hor @_@

The couple then introduced me to a VERY VERY CHEAP yoghurt, with about the same serving as the 'Yami Yoghurt' small sized one, $1.50 only wor! :D And after eating eat, we were actually hoping to get another cup, but ahh, MUST CONTROL!!!

Went home later and waited darling to online, darling also had mcdonald for her br-lun-ner wor!! SAME AS ME 100% SIA!!! WOOTS! xD
But then because of the lousy network that China provides, only she can see me, I cannot see her, dam sad diao T_T

Shall end my post here, CYA PEEPS!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Didn't realise I didn't update my blog for quite a time actually! Guess I've been too busy at work these days, OH NO... @__@

20th September 2010
Well, although yesterday has passed, I still miss darling like crazy!!! T__T

So for today,I decided to go SHOPPING!!! Yeah, solo shopping, cause darling cannot pei me for the month! D; Sad-ded to the max!!!

Went out to IMM after chatting with Jonathan Lim(like FINALLY we have a chance to talk!!!)since it's close to my house, and the first thing that I decided to do was to buy something for darling! :D
-Although I promised darling to buy it pretty long ago ago x.x -

After I went into the stay there and spent like 20 Minutes staring at all the different products, then did I totally gave up on not nowing which one should I be choosing! And since I was SUPER DUPER HYPER ULTRA thinking of darling, I decided to call darling to ask for the color she will prefer! :P
Hehe, surprise her awhile :x

In the end, darling turned out to be in class!! Oh My God... But she was still willing to pick up the call and talk to me though, abit paiseh, but still happy to hear her voice! xD Asked her about her favourite colors and chat a little bit here and there before I continue shopping for some other stuffs to work on my second surprise for darling :P
-Shan't reveal it STEEL- xP

Went home and started working on the surprise that I planned out for darling, only to find out ONE MAJOR PROBLEM! One of the main ingredients, which I won't be stating(or darling will know it straight if I say it out) has a hole on it, a BIG one!!! Ahh!!! So decided to make the "sub-ingredients in order" to make the stuff for darling! Seems easy, yet it's difficult!!!! 3 Hours had passed since I started work infront of the television,and it's not even near to a quarter of it's completion!!!! AHH!!!!

Then webcam-ed with darling again! :D
And for now, we once again set the longest record of the webcam session within the 2 of us with a timing of 4 HOURS PLUS!!!! And that means, I slept at like 3.30AM plus! @_@

Hope darling will be able to get more rest more often, seeing her so tired everytime in China really makes me feel heartbroken :(

21st September 2010
Woke up 1hour right after I slept because I am actually having work for today!!! And the worst part is, I got to report at Suntec City at 5.30AM!!!! RAWR!!! Tired sia, BUT! It's a fact for me that sacrificing more time to pei your laopo is DEFINITELY worth it!!! Hehehe! xD

Reached the workplace 10minutes before the expected arrival and the queue for signing into the office was TERRIBLY LONG!!! Met up with my work friends, Vincent and Adela at the staff canteen to had our breakfast (which was actually sponsored by the company ;P) before some of the full-time staffs came in and get us briefed on our work.

In the end, I had to work at the VIP area!! So for a start, everything went well, until the part where we had to server the breakfast servings, we actually had to carry 2 plates which were super heavy that everone wanted to put it on the floor and take it again when the ballroom's doors are opened up once again for the Suntec working staff to enter, which isn't allowed!
Ahh!!! I still can feel it's weight on my arms now! T_T

And after that, it's just clearing of plates! Easy job, do awhile liao, then go lunch break le! But before eating, I decided to SMS darling again :P Quickly finished up my lunch, and reported back to work, but at a different storey this time round.

Luckily for all of us, this time, the food that the guests will be having is BUFFET Style, which means... NO NEED to carry food! xD So all I did was just move the dirty plates and utensils to the decoy aka the cleaning area and greet the guests!

That's all for the day at work! And time to go home!! *Yawn*Super tiring sia, no chance to sit at all except for lunch time! D:

Went home by MRT, and I was so blur that I didn't know Yvtte and her boyfriend was actually right beside me by a few person's width(basically because I was so tired already to realise anything around me, seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if someone tell me that I had my heavy stuffs dropped out of my pocket and me not knowing about it!), until she alights at Tiong Bharu(or was it Outram?).

AND SO, I MANAGED TO KOPE HER BOYFRIEND'S SEAT!!!! AHH!!! A SEAT AT LAST! And from the very moment I sat on the seat, i fell asleep straight away, ALL THE WAY back to Jurong East MRT Interchange!

And the epic moment begins when I reached home, I was like lying on the bed getting ready to bathe and WHOOP! That's it! I'm asleep! NO DINNER! NO BATHING YET! All the way, I slept till the next day where my mom waked me up by whispering in my ears :
"You very tired issit?"
And I still got the cheek to answer: "No la!!! Where got!"

And the first thing that came into my mind was darling! Ahh!! I overslept that I didn't managed to webcam with her! OMG DAM GUILTY!!!!
Almost immediately, I rushed to get my phone and call her to say sorry!!
Although she understood that I will be tired,
Although I said this before but once again..


GRRR!!! Next time I should set an alarm whenever I go!

22nd September 2010
2nd Day of my 3-day working streak!!! As mentioned above, I had a power 12 hour sleep, so from the moment I wake up, I had to like rush for work already -_-

And early in the morning, I was super suey one lor T__T

As you know, it's early at 5.30AM, so I actually had to take a cab to work! And this turns out to be an early morning that was filled with LOTS of problems.

First, the taxi. At first, when I first reached the bus stop, the taxi just nice come, I thought it's my lucky day, who knows, it turns out to be the beginning of a nightmare. The taxi took the long way to my destination! Or rather, what was supposed to be my destination.. not -.-''

Instead of going from the expressways, the driver actually drove into City Hall via Dhoby Ghaut then into Nicoll Highway, which turns out to be closed! So bo bian, the driver had to send me to the YOG park, beside the floating platform that place, only to find another road closure! *THANK YOU F1* So what did the driver do was to ask the officers how to get to Suntec, and he said "Go via Nicoll Highway, it should be open by now" and what the driver did? He actually dropped me right there on the spot and asked me to walk to Suntec!!! Zzzz, took a total of 20mins to figure out how to walk to Suntec City via those funny road blocks and those F1 tracks, in the end from "early" become "late"! Lucky the pass office was super flooded with people trying to 'tap in', so still ok for me, hehehe! :D

Went to the staff office for breakfast, as expected, the same breakfast we were having yesterday was served - Red Bean/Vanilla Buns + Energy bar + Hot/Iced Milo. So as I was eating, I was talking to vincent and I said:
"If today is like yesterday's lunch, buffet style, then good for us already!"
And he was like:
"You know that's gonna happen if a miracle comes -.-"

And so, when breakfast has ended, Chris, the manager came in and went: "Ok! I thank you for your hard work yesterday and I have good news for you. For today, everything is going to be buffet style, so there will be NO need for you to serve the platters, just do everything like yesterday afternoon." And the whole canteen was like "WOOHOO!"

Afterwhich, we got sorted out into groups, and in the end, I was under Chris! @___@!
But then, our job for the day is seriously SUPER easy!!! All I had to do was to refill the used bottles during breaks and arrange them in a way where each sit will have one, and clear some of the plates. And during afternoon, my group will have to wipe the wet, washed utensils.

Easy eh? :P
Yeah, and that's when time pasts real slowly!!!! So just chat around with many different stuffs, school, how we intend to spend our holiday, etc etc!

The day then finally ended! And oh, Vincent helped me in taking a picture of my working uniform, thanks dude! ^^

Some say I look very different in this @_@

After that, it's home sweet home!
This time, I didn't sleep on the train or at home because I reminded myself about yesterday! AHHAHA!

Webcam-ed with darling till like 1+ before both of us went to sleep. Ahh! Miss her like crazy sia T__T

Tommorow's gonna be my last day of work! :P

23rd September
LAST day of work! And again, I took a cab to work, but not the one like last night's, thank heaven -_-"

For today's breakfast, they served an extra "Chocolate Bun" and "Chocolate flavored Energy Bar" o.O
Tasted kinda sweet, but still, I prefer the Red Bean bun though.

And so the day starts, with the briefing by the respective staffs, only to hear that the job will be exactly the same as yesterday's! Woohoo!

But for today, it's slightly different, because we will only be changing the drinks only during their breaks, so most of the time, we will be in the storeroom resting away! Totally sian one you know, it's like 'You wnt to fall asleep, yet you cannot' kinda feeling.' Shan't talk about it much here though.

Tried walking back to City Hall MRT after I was released via the "Esplanade Xchange" which they claimed to be 'faster' than walking via City Link. RUBBISH! There were so many turns and escalators here and there, it seemed longer than walking via City Link by ALOT! RAWR!!!

But I didn't really went straight home you see, I actually went to find some things in IMM before going home! Can't find it though, will try another attempt tommorow x(

Night time, while waiting for darling to be online, watched "Liar Game: The Final Stage" and some animes which I had missed out recently due to work!

And it's WEBCAM TIME! Every single day, I wait for my darling to online at night, so this night, as usual of course! Heard that darling has fell sick T___T
Wonder if she will be ok in China..


Nothing much to add on for now, shall end here :p

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Shall blog about yesterday! :D

Yesterday, from the very moment I woke up, the first thing that came into my mind was darling! Ahh!!! Miss her like crazy leh T_T

So, it was our 10th Monthsary right? :P
Thus, for the day, I decided to do something MEANINGFUL for our relationship! xD As I blogged yesterday, I was actually trying to fold paper hearts, which in the end, failed! Then at the same time, as I was talking to Chih Peng, I decided to visit him since he knows how to fold paper stars!

Was going out and decided to surprise darling with a call, hehe! Bo bian lar, people miss her like crazy, must hear her voice abit! Then hor, very qiao leh, she was actually going out of her school to the city as well! Indeed, "we may be far apart, yet our hearts and minds will always be connected!" Aww~ So sweet of us~ :D

Reached Chih Peng's house after buying him a drink (since he want me to shunbian get me one) and getting myself one. And the first thing that her mother asked me was
"Eh kaisong you come already ah? Want to eat lunch anot?"
and she insisted. So bo bian, eat at CP's house lo, although abit paiseh la.

So while we were waiting for CP's mom to finish cooking, both of us played facebook and PS2 awhile. After having our lunch, both of us went going to Jurong Point together since CP and I wanted to buy something.

After we're done with shopping, Chih Peng wanted to go to West Mall(but I didn't go) but due to the MRT servicing thingy, both of us took 187. The bus was dam warm one lor! Slept on the bus all the way until I almost missed my stop x.x

And at night time, darling and I had the LONGEST ever webcam session! :D
3 hours liddat, beat it! :X

RAWR! 33 more days, I CANT WAIT MAN T__T

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahh!!! I just tried folding paper hearts and at first I thought that I succeeded,
Hehe!!! :D
But in the end only to find out that I still fail because the 'pushing' stage makes me need to cut it so much that this happens!


Guess I gonna try folding stars instead :(

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did nothing much for today.

As I woke up today, the first thing that suddenly zoomed into my mind was last night's webcam session with baby! Ahh!! ><

Been lying on the bed the whole day giving my feet a break from yesterday's work! Very 酸 one you know, it's like walking and walking and walking without a single chance to sit even after work *Because the MRT was full T_T*! x.x

But then! Today, I did go down to run a few rounds round the park to exercise, just as I promised my dear sweety SiewMing laopo! <3
Hehe ;P

Anyway, didn't do much today, so this post might be a little short, sorry guys~

Let's see, today, I missed darling dam loads lar! Seriously, every second, all that I'm thinking of was my honey! Ahh :'(

So, eating my special couple sweet which I bought and another one which she bought for me, I sat at my sofa, trying to make something for darling! ^^ But then, my hands aren't really good yet, so I'm still well.. in the state of "practising"! @.@
Hehe, darling must be trying to figure out what it is now :P

Looked at all the photos that we once took together, we walked so far, so long, together, and now, I don't want to wait any longer! I said before, I cannot lose you, even if it's just a millisecond! T_T

But then again, I know this isn't the case just for me, cause I know she feel the same too. Last night, although I managed to see her, I saw her tears rolling down her cheeks due to missing me, and having a sleeping of only.. 4HOURS?!
Ahh! My poor baby, exposed to such a foreign environment, not having me by her side to support, I think liao also sad diao T_T

Nothing else to right for now, gonna wait for baby to online! :P

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Yeap, you heard it right, I've got a job!!!

So yesterday(since it's after 12AM now), I was working for a banquet at Suntec Convention Centre! Sent out by the school email, and darling was so nice to tell me when she first saw the mail 2 or 3 weeks ago!!! :D

Left the house at 11+ since I was actually supposed to go and report into the meeting room in Suntec at 12.30PM after changing into my work uniform! *Sorry, no chance to take picture! x.x*

Reached the place at 12.15PM in the end, didn't have a chance to eat my lunch! Ahh!!! Tahan all the way! RAWR! So, before going straight to the meeting place, I SMS-ed darling(despite the overseas charge) because I was missing her badly and then, I began my training on serving a Western Banquet meal!

And that's where all the drama starts! As we were having training halfway, Christopher, the manager, suddenly looked at a guy on the same table called err.. err.. pronounced as "mac-ker-roll?" o.O It turns out that he had used the training utensils, which were actually REAL utensils, to COMB his hair. LOL!!! Totally stunning! :X

Attire check was next! Those with non-black socks were given FREE black socks! (BUT only free for that day!) And as for those with long hair, they were asked to use the gel provided to 'arrange' their long hair. Then in the end, one of the guy at my table who came back after gel-ing his hair, described the gel was as hard as the "Agar Agar" sold at the fruit shops LOL! By the time the training ended, I knew for sure, that THIS,is going to be easy!

Then after the training, it's dinner time! Or should I say? That was my Br-lun-ner? =.='' Cause that was actually my 3 meals mixed totally into one!!! RAWR!! But overall the meal not bad lar, got Chicken, Fish, Mussels(YES! MUSSELS!), and some vegetable, which comes along with a cup of soft drink!

After having dinner, its straight to work time! Luckily for me, this time, I never got chosen to work at the cocktail section where you'll have to serve drinks to the guests before the ballroom is opened because that job is one of those "Looks easy, yet SUPER tiring" kind x.x

The door opened, it's time to get working! Hmm, the job's pretty relaxed, much easier than I actually thought it will be, just that I need to use more strength and run here and there more often since the food is being served individually. And for the first time , I'm serving Red Wine, White Wine and Beer for the first time! :X

Oh yeah, and did I tell you guys that the dinner was actually a "White Collar Boxing Dinner"? It's actually one of those western dinners where all the rich ang mo(s) will sit in the ballroom and have their dinner while watching boxers(as in REAL boxers, people, not the one you wear) fighting against one another in the middle of the ballroom! Special right?

Unlike what the staffs told us, I realised that the clients weren't really people who can't hold their liquor that well. But really, they drank more than what they eat although the food! And OMG! I actually got praised for doing a good job by one of the clients!! Feel so proud of myself! Hehe :x

As the dessert was prepared slightly later, my team, namely Me, Vincent and Adela got released slightly later at 11.30PM! Honestly, I didn't even realise that it's that late already! Walked to the MRT station with Adela since Vincent is taking a bus home! (so good T_T)

And when we reached just outside the MRT station, I saw this,err.. LED which shows the expected timing when the next train will arrive. And it was like..

Last Train - Jurong East(red line) / 1Minute
Last Train - Joo Koon (Green) / 2Minutes

OMG! Lucky there was such a thing designed by SMRT, or else will totally sian liao lor!

Then when I reached Jurong East, took the LAST bus which was actually going to leave! x.x
And as I was on the bus, I suddenly thinking of darling, hoping that she will be online and waiting for me. I wanted to call her, or at least SMS her, yet, I was afraid to disturb her if she was sleeping, but yet again, I miss her so badly! But in the end, for her sake, and not for my selfishness, I kept my phone in the pocket :)

Reached home at 12:30AM, and the very first thing I did, was to turn on my laptop!
MSN: Offline
Skype: Offline.

At first I see liao, totally abit sian diao lar, BUT! I never gave up on hope, and I moved to check if darling was online in Facebook, in the end really online! I was so happy seeing that I actually jumped out of my seat! Hehe :X

Webcam-ed with darling all the way to 2+, poor honey. Spending her night and precious sleep time just to blog and wait for me! So sweet of you honey!

Hehe, guess I should be sleeping too, GOOD NIGHT! <3

35 More days! T_T

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, I guess it's about time I should be blogging already since I promised darling to update! So here it is!!! Let's talk about what darling and I did yesterday eh? :P
- If you actually realised, I'm blogging midnight now! Why? READ! =X -

So it all began in the noon time, I decided to go out earlier than usual to buy a top up card for honey! Was actually feeling kinda hungry since I skipped my lunch then, so.. well, I had to buy some thing to bite on, so I bought a hotdog for my lunch. Heh x.x ( Sorry baby! )

Took bus 99 from Jurong East to darling's house because I originally thought that it was cheaper, only to remember that the system has been changed to "Pay-By-Distance" at that very moment I stepped into the bus!! RAWR!!!! As I tapped my EZ-Link card on the reader, I found out that I had barely any amount left with that capital, FULL SCREEN, "PAY CASH" words, but luckily! The uncle was kind enough to treat me since I wasn't carrying any notes and well, maybe lazy to keep the other passengers waiting? :x

Reached darling's house at about 2:10PM before going out again together to Jurong point! ^^ Bought a suitable kettle for darling and her friend, who will be room-mates at their hostel! At first, when we saw the price, it was a 500ML kettle which will cost us 29.90 dollars, but in the end when we were at the cashier, we realised that it was actually having a discount where it will be sold at 19.90! 30+% discount worh!!

After having bought our items, darling and I went over to Kopitiam because I wanted to treat her to Chendol so at least she will be able to have some last-minute-taste-of-Singapore since she was leaving for Chengdu at night! T__T

Went back to darling's home and rest around by slacking here and there. Spent almost 100% of the time in front of the TV! @_@

Had dinner together with darling at about 7.30+, got Bak Kut Teh and Chicken Meat worh! Thanks darling's parents for cooking! :D (And darling, you ask them to cook one right! =X Thanks anyway ^^)

Then it's back to the television! Along with some final checking at 8+ before leaving the house at 9. Although darling stayed up quiet, I can feel the feeling in her heart. It kindas remind of the "me" who was preparing to go overseas then about 4 years back. Happy? Worried? Sad? It's a mixture of many feelings. But well, she still has to go, sadly T_T (REAL SADLY! )

Left her house along with her, her mum and her younger brother. As I was helping to carry the luggage for honey, I saw darling crying. I felt hopeless, I felt like cheering her up, yet I couldn't do so much infront of her family! :( Ahh, darling, if you're reading this, don't you ever cry ok? Cause whatever happens, we will always be right here in Singapore thinking of you, waiting for your return! *kiss kiss!* :P

Unlike me, darling's mother and brother sent her to the MRT station only, so even in the train, darling still was feeling sad! ):

I know how much I mean to you baby, but so do you mean that much to me too ok?
Even though it's a separation for one month, always know that you'll always have me, no worries, I promise!!!
Life may be going to be tougher for you in China, but what about me? Life's going to be tough for me without you too! ><>.>

Reached the airport at exactly 22:36PM!

Taken straight after we got down from the MRT :P
Hmm, block 404, isn't that the block of the house that my family lives in when I'm born? O_O

Oh well, darling's leaving :(

After that, I got this REALLY crazy idea of mine to get a couple-sweet which darling and I will eat everyday as to remember one another! :P
And it's.. Lakerol!
Ok, you guys might think it's cheap but so?! THE MEANING'S THERE! Right baby? :D

After which, darling needed the toilet, so out of boredom..
I snapped a shot of darling's luggage =X

Well, after which,both of us had to move to the meeting place to make sure honey's not late! Ahh!!! D:

Darling meeting his group of classmates! (and thinking of what to do?)

Checking in! -Hoping that the luggage isn't overweight!-

Did anyone noticed that everyone's wearing backpacks?


*Plays drum rolling sound*

And so, darling's luggage in the end was SHOCKINGLY light as compared to the others with a difference of about 5Kilogram each, with hers weighing only 15KG (and with VERY much content o.O)

Ok, how did I shoot this picture? LOL!

There you have it! Darling's VERY FIRST AIR TICKET!!!

But before saying goodbye, of course everyone will like to leave some memories for their loved ones right? And so, here's where the mass group photo starts!!!

Class picture? o.O

Photo of the entire group of people going for the OIP trip! But their letters... >.> And darling is smiling
And when their letters are arranged nicely, darling abit like "smile till numb" le hor? =X

RAWR! Give me that face! D:

Final couple picture before darling goes to China :(

"Good Bye"! T____T
-Yeah, it was kinda blur cause I was shaking because err.. well.. You know..-
And darling's in! Guess I will have no choice but to wait 37 days to wait for her now T_T
-Counting down-

And as you leaved, I stayed back hoping that I can continue to see you.
Despite the fact that I know you will not turn back after your entire class has moved forward, I still stayed back with that hope, with a silly mind of mine.
Many wild thoughts came to my mind, questions filled my mind.
Will I still be able to say "I Love You" and call you "Laopo" everyday?
Will I still be able to call you to "EAT!" and say "Good Night" to you every single night and dream of you?
I know it's a "No".
I called you just to hear your voice, with the thought of resisting my tears, yet in the end, I failed.
Seperation.. although you know that there'll be an ending, could actually be so sad! :(
I just want you to know my dear, how much you mean to me, and that,

You can only hold the ownership of my love.

I love you darling! :*
And I swear that I always will love only you.
For now, Forever, For Eternity, just you and me.

Walked round the airport for an hour before my dad came to fetch me home. And as he drove past the express way, I came across City Hall and saw the Singapore Flyer, the place where we will always date, go out and have fun together.

I couldn't resist the waters holding up in my eyes again.
Pictures of our precious memories flashed right all through my mind.

Be careful in your OIP in China, so that we can always smile again TOGETHER. As one. Ok?

And wherever you are, always remember, I will be like this "YOU" in the picture, staring and looking after what you do! <3


-Finished typing at 6:14AM-

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